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Uninsured Coverage101: Oregon Law

Posted by attorney Jennifer Coughlin

What if the driver who hit me didn't have auto insurance?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the at-fault driver is UNINSURED: Essentially, the injured party’s insurance company “steps into the shoes" of the uninsured driver, and pays the injured driver as if the uninsured motorist did have insurance. In Oregon, uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory in the same amount as liability coverage unless waived in writing. Oregon law requires that every driver carry a minimum of $25,000 uninsured motorist coverage unless waived in writing by the insured. This coverage provides for the insured driver, members of his household, and his passengers to receive damages (money) for injuries they receive from a negligent, uninsured driver. Claims to one’s own insurance company can be made for personal injuries, medical expenses and lost wages. Any amount up to the policy limits may be paid.

A hit-and-run driver can be considered an “uninsured motorist" even though it is actually unknown if they had insurance or not. Also, uninsured motorist coverage covers you if you are a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

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