Written by attorney Rixon Charles Rafter III

UCMJ Provides Minimum Time Limits for Notice to Accused in General and Special Court Martials

The UCMJ provides time limits for notice of charges to the accused prior to general and special courts martial essays. See at 835. ART. 35 where it provides: “The trial counsel to whom court-martial charges are referred for trial shall cause to be served upon the accused a copy of the charges upon which trial is to be had.

In time of peace no person may, against his objection, be brought to trial or be required to participate by himself or counsel in a session called by the military judge under section 839(a) of this title (article 39(a)), in a general court-martial case within a period of five days after the service of charges upon him or in a special court-martial within a period of three days after the service of the charges upon him."

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