Written by attorney R. Michael Bomberger

Types of No-Doubt Liability in Paradise Car Accident Claims

Establishing liability is one of the most difficult challenges of recovering compensation in a Paradise car accident claim. But depending on the type of accident, you may not have to prove the other party’s liability. In no-doubt liability car accidents, the other driver is at fault for almost all of the cases, and insurance companies are unlikely to challenge liability issues. Examples of such accidents include:

Rear-end accidents: As a rule, drivers must leave sufficient braking space between their car and the car ahead. The driver who crashes into the car ahead is almost always held responsible for the accident no matter what the other driver’s reason for stopping was. Exceptions to this rule only apply when the driver who was struck had did not have functioning tail or brake lights. In addition, the evidence makes it clear who struck whom thereby indicating where responsibility for the accident lies.

DUI accidents: Drunk drivers do not have the full cognitive, sensory, and motor function of sober drivers. When the poor judgment of a drunk driver causes a serious accident, official accident reports will cite the driver for driving under the influence of alcohol and apply criminal charges. For victims of the accident, the insurance company of the drunk driver cannot reject your claim for compensation except in very rare circumstances.

T-bone accidents: Also known as left-turn accidents, California traffic law requires drivers to wait until the road is clear before conducting a left-turn. Because the evidence clearly shows how the accident occurs, the left-turning driver is usually the liable party in T-bone accidents. The only cases in which vehicle driving straight can be held responsible for a left-turn accident is if the oncoming driver was committing a traffic violation (such as speeding or running a red light) when struck by the left-turning car.

When You May Need a Professional Paradise Car Accident Lawyer

Many car accident victims are able to negotiate their settlement without incurring the expenses of a professional car accident attorney. However, sometimes it can be necessary to entrust your case to an experienced Paradise car accident lawyer who has the legal skills, traffic law expertise, and resources to defend your rightful compensation and secure financial reparations for all of the damages pertaining to your car accident. Most difficult cases often involve serious injuries or wrongful deaths for which insurance companies unfairly offer settlements far below their proper value. To be certain your rightful compensation is not compromised, consider consulting a professional Butte County accident attorney today.

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