Written by attorney Elmer H. Young III

Tricks Police Use to Help Them Gather Evidence In a DUI Case

Police officers are trained in a special course called "verbal Judo." This training is designed to help them keep others off balance by use of commands, tone and phrases intended to "throw you down" emotionally and thereby maintain control at all times. They expect you to obey short, terse commands. They do not expect you to ask them to explain "why" they are making these demands. In directing your behavior as they do, they are better able to predict and control an outcome from the traffic stop. The video or taped recording will make them look professional and you look nervous, stupid and impaired, after which they will have no reason not to arrest you, despite your obvious cooperation. These tricks come up all the time is case after case. You may benefit by practicing the answers you know are truthful and non-incriminating in order to appear better and more in control yourself on the police video. Don't be smart-aleky, just smart. Look for other Police tricks to be posted to help understand and prepare yourself. Feel free to send me any interesting experiences you have with these tactics.

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