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Traumatic Brain Injuries in a Car Accident Claim

Posted by attorney Scott Corwin

What Can I expect from my Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

While the case itself cannot treat the brain injury that you or a loved one may have sustained in a car accident, you can expect to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries. The value of your traumatic brain injury claim is determined by a variety of contributors

1. Medical Expenses

The cost of treatment for brain and other head related injuries can quickly overwhelm even the most financially stable if the expenses are coming out of pocket. That is why a significant portion of the value of the brain injury claim comes from the current medical expenses, as well as the potential future medical expenses.

2. Loss of Wages

The lost income due to treatment and rehabilitation can greatly impact the victim's financial situation. Additionally, the ability to earn income in the future is also factored as significant permanent brain damage can afftect one's earning capactity substainially. Accordingly, the value of the claim increases as the both the lost wages and impeeded abilty to earn income becomes greater.

3. Pain and Suffering

The pain and anguish of a traumatic brain injury is unimangible and often times incommunicable by the victim of the tragic accident. Subsequently, the pain and suffering of the victim is the largest contributor to a traumatic brain injury claim. Conveying the severity of the suffering experienced by the victim often becomes the responsibility of the brain injury attorney. Whether it is settling with an insurance company or convincing a jury of your peers, you should have a top-notch brain injury attorney representing you in your car accident claim.

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