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Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines in California


Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines under California Penal Code Section 11379, is a criminal offense. As the title implies, it means actually selling the drug. It is prosecuted in the same manner as the sale of any other form of illegal substance.

Elements of the Crime

In order to take a Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines CPC 11379 case to trial, certain elements of the crime will have to be proven. This includes that one of the following occurred:

  • Someone sold meth in a trade for money or a valuable item
  • Someone may have offered someone else meth supplies
  • Someone served as a vehicle for meth transportation
  • This individual knew of the presence of meth
  • This individual had enough for drug abuse
  • This individual was not a licensed distributor

Punishments for CPC 11379

These penalties are to be determined by a judge and he/she will make a decision based on the circumstances surrounding the case.

When found guilty of Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines it is usually filed as either a felony, which includes:

Felony charges for Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines include up between two, three, or four years in prison – and a maximum of ten thousand in fines. If the prosecution finds that meth was transported or sold in more than two counties, the fines are usually increased to three, six or nine years in prison.

Legal Defenses for California Penal Code 11379

A good lawyer can present many legal and valid defenses for Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines charges under California Penal Code 11379 to prove someone’s innocence. Some of these defenses include police entrapment or being an eyewitness to the sale, versus being the seller. MacGregor and Collins is based in California, and has successfully defended those who were falsely accused of Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines. Call (949) 250-6097 to speak to a lawyer, should you be on trial for Transporting and Selling Methamphetamines.

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