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Traffic Citation Overview in Illinois

Posted by attorney Alan Brinkmeier

In Illinois you may oppose your citation in traffic court. You may represent yourself. However, experienced lawyers in the traffic court where your case is pending know which people to negotiate with. They know the kind of deals the traffic prosecutors are willing to make.

Evidence Be prepared to present all document and witness evidence on the day for your initial court hearing. The prosecutor will be prepared, so you must be, too.

Burden of Proof Hiring a lawyer to advocate for you will also provide you someone to argue the specific types of proof the citing officer must submit to the court. Remember, the state has the burden of proof.

Dismissal All the evidence that one party believes entitles him or her to a judgment will be submitted to the judge. When there is not enough information to support the traffic ticket it may be dismissed.

Ruling Once the judge enters the ruling, the matter is final. If you think there is any potential appeal, issue, contact a lawyer.

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