Written by attorney Robert C. Gigstad

Traffic and Speeding Tickets in Kansas

Traffic Tickets in Kansas - Gigstad Law Office Have you or anyone you know been written a traffic ticket in Kansas? If so you might ask yourself why not just pay the ticket and be done with it? Why should you hire an attorney to work for you? The answers to these questions are simple. In the State of Kansas a speeding ticket is considered a "moving violation", a "moving violation" is reported through the state to your insurance carrier, which in turn causes your insurance company to raise your rates. These raised rates can last years before the effect of the ticket goes away. Another reason to have an attorney represent you when you receive a ticket is that in Kansas receiving as few as three tickets can lead to having your Driver's License suspended for as long as six months, which can in turn make life very difficult. Hiring an attorney gives you a much better chance at working keeping these "moving violations" off of you record because an attorney can typically amend these "moving violations" to "non-moving violations". For example a speeding ticket can be amended to a ticket for a broken tail light which is not reported to insurance agencies. In the event you do receive a ticket it is always best to call an attorney in your state for a consultation as to your rights depending upon your situation. To contact an attorney in Kansas check out my website.

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