Written by attorney Jeffrey H. Rasansky

Top Three Characteristics That Your Medical Malpractice Attorney Should Possess!

The medical malpractice lawyer you choose to work on your claim will be the most significant factor in whether you win or lose. To make sure your odds are stacked toward winning, you'll want to look for a few basic qualities in the attorney you hire. #1: Experience

It’s vital that you hire a lawyer that has had lots of experience. Of course, every lawyer needs their first case to start out somewhere, but it’s better if you aren’t the first case they work on. It is also important to get a lawyer who has won cases before. This will ensure you that you are working with a quality lawyer.

#2: Integrity

Some great physician malpractice lawyers work on contingency basis. This term is used when lawyers don't charge clients any upfront fees. It also means that their clients don't have to pay anything if they don't win the case or obtain a settlement. When you are already facing medical problems, the last issue you want to deal with is a lawyer that charges you here and there for everything, and doesn't even win your case.

#3: Expertise

Having a lawyer with medical expertise is useful. Experienced lawyers will be very well versed in medicine as it applies to law. Although they aren’t medical doctors, they have great access to the experts that can argue your case for you. Take a look at lawyers who not only practice medical malpractice law but also who understand that malpractice claims typically involves information that people would rather not reveal. A high-quality lawyer has enough expertise and honesty to win your assurance and lets you feel comfortable when you’re working with them on your claim.

Good lawyers are effective and efficient. They make all the difference needed to win your claim. Any honest lawyer will reveal that they cannot guarantee that they will win your case. However, they will be able to put a case good enough to get a settlement, in the case that the doctor’s insurance company wants to avoid going to court. If a settlement is not an option, then a lawyer will prepare you for court. Good attorneys make you feel ready to face any challenge that may come up with the claim.

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Finding a good medical malpractice lawyer to defend your case is vital. There are a few traits you should look for when hiring a lawyer to defend your case. Be aware of these cues so you can win successfully.

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