Written by attorney Marc J Atas

Top Ten Reasons you should hire a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Top Ten Reasons you should hire a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer. After a car accident, you may not think that you need an attorney. After all, car accidents happen all the time, and your insurance company's going to handle everything anyway, right? Don't count on it. Being self-reliant can be a virtue, but in many cases a car accident victim's lack of knowledge about applicable laws and refusal to reach out to an attorney can affect how much compensation a victim receives. Check out these ten things a car accident lawyer can do that you probably can't: 1. Stop You from Admitting Fault. A. When clients first call my office to explain how their accident took place, they will typically do a poor job explaining what happened and why the accident was the other drivers fault. B. Clients do not know what details are important to discuss and what details are important not to mention. C. Some clients tend to talk forever about what happened without explaining in simple terms why the accident was the other drivers fault D. Most clients are unfamiliar with the rules of the road that the lawyers and adjustors use to decide liability E. An accident must be described in great detail F. When a client calls regarding an accident that took place in an area I am not familiar with, I will search google maps for the intersection in question and go over in detail what happened so that I feel it is like I am there at the scene G. Clients need to detail what direction all of the cars were going H. Clients needs to detail how many lanes each way and whether the lanes are turning lanes or travel lanes I. Client must state what traffic control devices are involved, (red light, stop signet.) J. Finally, then client must explain in such detail what happened so that the lawyer can write it in a format so that when he calls the insurance company they will understand what happened and why the accident was their insureds fault K. If the accident is complicated, I will often ask the adjustor to open up google maps while I explain the accident to them. L. If this kind of detail is not provided to the insurance company, then they are more likely to rely on their insureds version of the accident 2. Keep You from Accepting Terrible Settlements. A. Insurance companies will do anything to keep the injured party from obtaining a lawyer because they know the case will be a lot more expensive to settle if the injured party gets a lawyer B. Insurance companies will often offer small sums to injured parties in order to get them to sign a release closing out their claim before the injured party is able to determine the extent of their injuries. C. If you call a lawyer immediately he will be able to explain the true value of your case and why you should not accept the low offer the insurance company will make. 3. Easily Obtain a Police Reports, medical records and medical bills A. Unfortunately obtaining police reports, medical reports and bills can be costly and time consuming. Hospitals and Doctors offices can be very difficult to deal with. Lawyers deal with all of these offices on a regular basis and know who the correct people in each office are in order to obtain the necessary records.

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