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Top Severance Negotiations Myths

Top Severance Negotiations Myths

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Avoid the Common Mistakes that Most People Make When Deciding their Severance Package

Losing your job is scary. But losing your job suddenly without any notice is way scarier. It is best to stay on your toes and be prepared to deal with the lay off with a smart and calculated approach. Severance negotiations, if done with the right mindset, can prove to be a great deal of help in this regard. Sound legal advice and a thorough background of how to negotiate not only secures you financially, but also guarantees complete peace of mind. Looking at the market, saturation is definitely at its peak. With competition rising and prospects shrinking, more and more people are losing their jobs every day. However, there are employment rights that safeguard employees financially, and if approached in a smart way with legal backing, it is possible to get your hands on the rightful share of severance that you deserve.

Do you know how to negotiate for a severance?

Are you wondering how much should you ask for? Keep reading to find more about the current trends and the common mistakes that are associated with severance benefit negotiations. Take a look:

Mistake # 1 – I Have No Leverage to Get a Severance Benefit

Actually you do. No company wants negative publicity, and will try their best to avoid any bitter situation. Severance is not just beneficial for you but also of the company as they can avoid any controversies and part with employees on good terms.

Mistake # 2 – My Company Has Gone Bankrupt So There's No Chance of Severance

If your company is going bankrupt or laying off the employees to cut down on the costs, you can still get a decent severance benefit. In fact, companies tend to pay more generously in these cases to avoid bad mouthing.

Mistake # 3: My Severance Package Is Non-Negotiable and I Have To Sign Immediately

If you thought that the human resources of your company can pressurize you in signing the termination agreement immediately, you are in for a surprise. There is not “Take it or leave it" condition when it comes to the severance package. You are at liberty to present your terms and negotiate the clauses, so do take time to think and ponder over the situation.

Mistake # 4: I Can Negotiate For the Severance Myself and No Legal Help Is Required

Last but not the least, if you are unsure on how to tackle the situation or approach the company, seek legal help immediately and let them complete the drill. Lawyers specializing in employee law and compensation law are better aware of how to deal with the negotiation effectively. Moreover, if you are on friendly terms with the company, they can advice you on how to approach the employer and best convince them for a reasonable severance package for you. Remember to play it safe and play it smart – if your company has offered you a severance in the first place, this means that they are willing to make the situation favorable for both of you. Take the plunge and negotiate to get the best deal out of the box!

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