Written by attorney Rodney Thomas Gould | Dec 6, 2018

Top 4 Procedural Hearing Defenses at a California DMV APS Hearing

Procedural hearing defenses are those that have nothing to do with the facts of your case. Instead, they provide a way to beat DMV based on the way the hearing officer conducted the hearing process. These defenses are often the best (or only) option the motorist has. Many people wonder how a hearing officer can make a mistake that would provide a defense to a hearing. The answer is that they usually do not have an adequate understanding of the laws governing their job. The hearing officer is not usually a lawyer and often has no legal training whatsoever. In fact, they are usually promoted from the ranks of driving test examiners. Learn these defenses so that if your hearing officer makes any of these mistakes, you will be able to capitalize on them and beat DMV

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