Written by attorney Chad Michael Trentacosta

Top 3 reasons to be pulled over for DUI

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The number 1 reason to be pulled over for DUI is.....failure to maintain lane. This is what we attorneys call a catch all ambiguous charge. This charge could fit into multiple traffic violations and makes it very easy for a police officer to conduct a dui stop. Please remember, if you have had anything to drink prior to getting behind the wheel and you get pulled over: DO NOT submit to any tests including breath, blood, sobriety, etc. Politely ask the officer to take you to jail. Also remember the officer will try to do and say anything to convince you to submit to their tests including saying your license will be automatically suspended. This is not entirely accurate, call me immediately after you are arrested and we will get your license back and mosy likely beat your case. You do not have to say anything about how many drinks you had. Remember everything you say or do will be used to convict you. No evidence = no conviction.

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