Written by attorney Linda Vega

TN Visa: A Preferred Visa for Canadians and Mexicans

NAFTA or The North American Free Trade Agreement, formed special economic and trade relationships for The U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The TN Visa, was one of those realtionships formed, that allows the entry into the U.S. for professionals to engage in business activity in the U.S. The TN Visa allows entry to the U.S. for certain professionals such as, accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientist, and teachers. Other professionals may apply as well if they can prove that: 1. Applicant is a Citizen of Canada or Mexico 2. The Applicant’s profession qualifies under the regulations 3. The position being filled by the Applicant requires a NAFTA Professional 4. The Applicant has a pre-arranged full or part-time job with a U.S. employer, and the employment is not that of self-employment 5. The Applicant possesses the qualifications to practice in the profession being offered. Canadians can apply for a TN Visa at the port of entry, provided that they present the required documentation to the Customs Border Patrol Agent at the port of entry. They must present 1. Proof of Canadian Citizenship 2. Letter from the employer detailing the title of position, purpose, length of stay, and education qualifications 3. Credentials, which can include diplomas or license along with any fees for the application. Canadians can also file the proper application with the Premium Processing amount. Once approved the Canadian Applicant can present this approval notice along with proof of Canadian Citizenship at the Port of Entry. If would be best to present the approval with the original application along with all of the evidence. Mexican Applicants have only one option, which is to submit the proper application and visit the designated Consulate for approval and admission. The TN Visa is good for up to 3 (three) years. And if the applicant requires a longer stay, they must file an extension or an I-129 if it hasn’t been filed already, in the case of the Canadian Applicant. As of September 2014, there are 14 ports of entry designated in Canada. Mexican applicants must seek admission after an interview with the Consulate. The TN is the best Option for a Canadian seeking quick entry into the U.S., and it is also a good selection for a Mexican professional seeking entry into the U.S.

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