Written by attorney Rodney Mesriani

Tips on How to Discipline Your Aggressive Dog

Dog bite incidences in the United States may have lessened but it they still remain a significant problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. There are particular reasons why dogs do bite and one of the reasons is aggression. Understanding Dog Aggression The term “dog aggression" is used by dog owners, breeders, and animal groups to describe a canine’s temperament to inflict harm to other dogs and to humans. Common signs of dog aggression are barking, growling, snapping in the air, and biting. There are reasons why a dog becomes aggressive and some of them include: 1. Illness – According to studies, a dog can become aggressive and dangerous if it is suffering from an illness or disease. Some of the illnesses that result in dog aggression include brain tumor, thyroid disease, and rabies. Additionally, even a simple disease can trigger dog aggression especially if the infected canine is irritable and temperamental. 2. Instituting dominance (Alpha Dog Syndrome) – Dogs have the instinct to establish their dominance in their “pack". When dog owners allow their dogs to think that they are the leader of the pack, chances are they will assume that they are in charge and not their masters. 3. Fear and anxiety – It is natural for all canines to show aggression when they feel that they are in threat or in danger. However, when a dog becomes a fearful or anxious dog, it may become an aggressive pet with or without the presence of danger. 4. Possessive behavior – Dogs can be possessive about things like their food, toys, crate, and even their masters. When a stranger approaches a possessive dog’s “possession" chances are it may induce an attack or bite. Tips on How to Stop Dog Aggression According to The Humane Society of the United States, dog aggression may be addressed by following these steps: • Visit your veterinarian to determine if the aggression is being triggered by an illness or disease • Seek professional help from veterinarians or dog behavior experts • Supervise and limit your dog’s activity to determine what triggers its aggressive behavior • Avoid exposing your pet to circumstances that generate its aggression • Spay or neuter the dog because intact dogs are more likely to present aggressive behavior In an unfortunate case that you get bitten by an aggressive dog in California, it is advisable for you to seek legal assistance from a Los Angeles attorneys in order to obtain proper compensations for your injuries.

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