Written by attorney Donald John Ramsell

Tips for Going to Traffic Court in Wheaton Illinois

If you are going to Traffic Court in Wheaton Illinois, here are a few helpful tips:


Arrive early

There are hundreds of people who will be arriving at or near the same time, and parking can be time consuming.


Bring all of your paperwork

The police gave you papers, such as tickets, bond slips, and complaints. These will be helpful for your lawyer. Also bring any documents that were mailed to you. Our firm has a handy folder with important information, so you can call us at 630-665-8780 to request a free one.


Do not drink alcohol or take drugs before court

If the court personnel believe you were drinking the night before, you may be tested at the court. A positive result might land you in jail.


Dress appropriately

You will gain more respect from the court personnel if you dress up for court.


Do not bring a cellphone to court

In DuPage County, non-attorneys are prohibited from bringing a cell phone or other camera into the courthouse.


Do not bring children

If you can, leave your children with another adult because children are not welcome in the courtrooms.


Be on time

If you are late to the courtroom, a judge may issue a warrant for your arrest.

Additional Resources

You can visit the website for the DuPage Judicial Center for more information.

DuPage County Official Court Website

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