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Tips for finding a great Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk County, New York

It isn't uncommon for someone who is looking for a lawyer to have absolutely no idea where to begin. Questions loom about how to hire a criminal lawyer, what the legal process is, and the various steps necessary to find good representation. Even though the situations and circumstances surrounding the search for a criminal lawyer are stressful, it's possible to get through the process and find great representation.

What Qualities Should You Be Looking For?

  • Avoid public defenders if possible: it is not recommended that an individual use a public defender to help them with their criminal case. Under many circumstances, a public defender doesn't have the experience necessary to meet all your needs.
  • Avoid referrals if possible: even though a lawyer did well for your friend or family member, that doesn't mean they'll work well with you. Do your homework in order to find out the lawyer's track record and how much experience they have. If that information doesn't match up with your expectations, that means the referral isn't a good idea.

  • Follow your feelings: your personal feelings matter when choosing a lawyer because the two of you will be working together frequently. If the lawyer doesn't possess the qualities you're looking for during the initial visit, chances are your feelings won't change during future interactions.

  • Follow the lawyer's reputation: if the lawyer you're researching has a good reputation, then chances are they will do a good job for you in court.

  • Get proof: instead of trusting what an ad says or what a law firm claims, do the necessary research needed to prove these statements. If you can't find the proof, then you can't believe what is said.

  • Payment is a reality: it's important to think about what kind of budget you have for a criminal lawyer, and then start your search based upon what you can afford. In some situations, the lawyer will work with you with regards to payment arrangements.

Sample Questions to Ask During an Initial Consultation:

  1. Where did you graduate from law school and in what year?
  2. When did you begin practicing law?
  3. Do you have experience handling criminal cases like mine?
  4. How much of your firm's practice is devoted to handling criminal cases? What other types of cases are handled here?
  5. Can you give me examples of the strategies you use when handling criminal cases?
  6. What are the possible outcomes for criminal cases like mine?
  7. Does it take a long period of time to handle criminal cases like mine?
  8. Can you provide me with some examples of obstacles or other problems we may encounter when working on this case?
  9. Are your rates charged by the hour or is there a flat fee?
  10. Can you give me an estimate about how much representation for my case would cost?
  11. What types of legal expenses can I expect to encounter throughout our business relationship?
  12. Do you offer any options for reducing the cost of services?

Where Can You Find a Criminal Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY?

There are a number of Internet sites available offering listings for great criminal lawyers in Suffolk County, New York. Some examples include:

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