Written by attorney Clifton C. Carden

Tip for using your ignition interlock device

Tip on Using the IID

The simpliest method for avoiding an ingnition interlock "failure to start" or violation is to ensure you are not consuming alcohol beverages during the period by which the deivce is required. Even then be sure to wait at least 15 minutes after having anything in your mouth before you attempt to provide a breath sample with your ignition interlock device. This allows for the dissipation of residual mouth alcohol that may be present in perfectly legal liquids and avoids the potential for other materials to create a malfunction. It should be noted that the fuel cell located in the IID only registers a positive BAC reading if ethyl alcohol is present in the breath sample. Thus, a “failure" does not necessarily mean you have been drinking. Nonetheless, an ignition interlock device failure could result in the court and prosecutor’s office being notified of the circumstances. You have rights and are subject for additional punishment if you are violated on your sentence. Only an analysis of the device will be able to determine the reason for the failure and proceeding with the advice of an attorney is always a good start.

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