Written by attorney Rodney Mesriani

Three Phases of Personal Injury Settlement Negotiation with Insurance Adjusters

Personal injury victims in Los Angeles often think that negotiating with an insurance settlement is a child’s play; however, in actual fact, it is the other way around. Generally, dealing with insurance companies is a difficult activity to realize because it always involves understanding complicated insurance policies and converges. Because of this, it is just necessary for accident victims to learn the background and basic concepts involved in insurance settlement negotiations. Phases of Insurance Settlement Negotiation for Personal Injury Cases Many injury victims in California are baffled with the formal phases for negotiating an insurance settlement, and because of this, some of them end up losing significant amount of personal injury payments. 1. Pre-initial negotiation call This phase takes place upon the insurance company receives the demand letter of the accident victim. After verifying the demand letter, an insurance adjuster will call the claimant. Typically, the insurance adjuster will bargain for a smaller amount of compensation as compared to the amount indicated in the demand letter. In this case, the injury victim should be wary if his legal rights are not compromised; hence, consulting with Los Angeles lawyers should be strongly considered. 2. Negotiation conversion When the negotiation between the victim and the insurance adjuster starts, both parties will make their case. Common inclusion in the arguments are the strengths and weaknesses in both side’s case. Generally, on this phase, the adjuster will offer a lower amount of compensations, and at times will bargain that amount. In this situation, the claimant should be able to prove that he deserves more than the amount offered by the adjuster. Furthermore, the victim should be able to provide convincing arguments in order for his desired amount of payments to be adhered upon by the adjuster. In this stage, having a personal injury lawyer is highly suggested in order to have assistance in providing convincing arguments to the negotiation with the adjuster. 3. Agreeing with the final settlement Upon finalizing the amount of payments the victim will receive, the agreement will be put into writing. All the agreements of both sides should be documented so as to avoid any related setbacks in the future. After coming up with a written agreement, the insurance company will provide the payment. Additionally, the victim will be asked to sign various documents that prove that the claim is successfully completed. Having Los Angeles lawyers review the agreement is vital in this phase. Certain insurance companies may pull some unexpected deceitful schemes that the victim may not know of; hence, consulting with a Los Angele attorney should be accomplished.

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