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Three Broad Categories of a Limited Representation Agreement

A person seeking limited representation generally falls into three broad groups:

1) People seeking to consult with an attorney. Such as a person seeking advice and direction in a lawsuit or with a real estate question.

2) People wanting specific documents prepared and nothing else. This category might include documents such as wills, powers of attorney, leases, trusts, purchase and sales agreements and contracts. Sometimes this broad category also includes what is called ghostwriting. Ghostwriting would be used for instance when a person was acting as their own lawyer and needed a motion or brief written for a court hearing. A lawyer may be able to write the brief without appearing in court for the client and the person needing the brief would put their name on it as the author. This benefits the client as the client gets a quality documents and the court is benefited as it gets a document that it is reliable and authoritative. Courts are seeing a slow down because of the many people prosecuting their own cases without a lawyer. This situation sometimes and causes delays and headaches for judges.

3) People wanting limited representation in court such as when a person only needs a lawyer to appear on their behalf to argue a motion.

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