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The Rights of Nursing Home Patients

Posted by attorney Sandra Renard

The decision to utilize a Nursing Home for a loved one is often a difficult one for family members to make. It is important that relatives and the prospective resident are aware of their rights once moved into the home. The following is a printable list of rights that are declared in Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated, 333.20201 (1998)3. receive appropriate care regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, sexual preference, or source of payment. to receive treatment for your physical and mental problems. to receive complete information about your medical condition and care plan. to be free from physical or drug induced restraints which are not required to treat your medical symptoms. to refuse treatment and be told of the possible consequences if you refuse. to issue instructions about your future medical treatment or to appoint a "patient advocate" to make such decisions for you. to receive meals that meet your needs. to live in a clean place. to meet privately with your spouse. to regular, private use of a telephone. to privacy during treatment or when attending to your personal needs. to see visitors you want to see. to participate in social, religious, and community activities. to a safe place to keep your valuable possessions. to keep and manage your own money. to return to your facility following a hospital stay. to advance notice before your room or roommate is changed. to have information about you kept private. to inspect and copy your personal and medical records. to be informed of your rights and responsibilities. to information from the nursing home on how you can get help to pay for your care. to written notice of all services available in the home and their cost. to receive a copy of your nursing home's rules about resident care and conduct. to review the most recent state and federal inspection reports of your nursing home and the home's plan of correction. to meet with other residents and residents' families in the home to discuss nursing home issues. to send and receive personal mail unopened the day the nursing home receives it. * to the same constitutional and civil rights given to all citizens. If you, a relative or friend have suffered an injury while in a nursing home, or have any questions, please call or visit: CHARFOOS & CHRISTENSEN, P.C. 5510 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202 Phone: (313) 875-8080 or (800) 247-5974 Fax: (313) 875-8522 Website: E-Mail:

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