Written by attorney Rachel A Lyne

The Reasons You Can Be Denied Unemployment in Florida

The following information is found in Florida Statute 443 in more detail. The information below explains the reason you may be denied unemployment benefits in Florida. The majority of the information relates to misconduct. If you need representation in an appeal, call me to schedule a consult.

Additional resources provided by the author

As with any litigation, the rules for unemployment hearings are procedure based. I would highly recommend that you hire an experienced unemployment benefits attorney to help you with your hearing. If you decide to represent yourself in your hearing, the following are resources you should review before your hearing: (1) Chapter 443, Florida Statutes; (2) Florida Administrative Code Regulations: 73B1.001, et seq. with focus on 73B-11.011 through 73B-22.010; (3) Florida Evidence Code; (4) Florida Statutes 91 and 92; (5) Case specific case law.

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