Written by attorney Ryan Michael Reppucci

The ramification of lying about criminal charges on your United States Visa application

One possible outcome of lying on a United States visa application is that the applying party may have their visa revoked. Likewise once it has been determined that you have lied, deportation may commence. In addition to a visa being immediately invalidated, a lying party may be detained in a United States prison pending the outcome of any deportation hearings, and will most certainly be heavily interrogated by immigration officers and possibly police regarding the possibility that they may have committed other crimes while residing in or present in the United States.

Another possible outcome that could result from lying on a visa application to enter the United States illegally with a criminal history is that an offending party could be temporarily or permanently barred from re-entering the United States as a result of the malfeasance. Once the investigation into the circumstances of the crime and the lie on the visa application is complete, the United States Customs and Immigration Service will make a determination as to whether or not an offending party can ever be eligible to apply for another United States visa.

If you are in doubt about whether or not a crime that you have committed in your past either in your home country or while in the United States may be something that would bar you from immigration into the United States, you would be best served by talking to an immigration lawyer or customs official prior to again entering the United States. At a minimum, you should disclose information regarding the crime(s) as directed on the visa application form, to better ensure that the customs and immigration officials can make a proper determination about whether or not you should be allowed into the country on a tourist or other visa.

It is important to remember that every immigration situation is unique and often times different variables apply to each different situation, Thus, it is vastly important that prior to applying for entry into the United States, you consult with an experienced immigration law attorney to ensure that you are being protected. Often times I unfortunately see or hear stories of a person becoming permanently banned from ever reentering the United States simply because they failed to remain truthful during and after the application process.

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