Written by attorney William Earl Winfield

The Pitfalls Of Hiring A Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

It might sound counter-intuitive, but filing for personal bankruptcy is expensive. Besides paying attorney fees, a debtor must also pay the court costs associated with filing the bankruptcy petition and accompanying documents. Then there are the expenses associated with attending the mandatory pre- and post-filing consumer credit courses. So when presented with the opportunity to save a few bucks by hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer (BPP) to draft your bankruptcy petition and other required documents, you might wonder why you would pay an attorney to do the “same job”.

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While hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer might save you money in the short term, it won’t offer you the opportunity to make the best possible decision nor the peace of mind that you will get from retaining a qualified, knowledgeable bankruptcy professional. If you have questions or concerns about filing bankruptcy, or even to determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you, please feel free to contact the bankruptcy attorney at Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P., who is a Board Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law. Our bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the process and, in addition, discuss viable alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.

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