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The Penalties for Robbery in Florida

Robbery is a serious criminal offense in the state of Florida. Depending on the circumstances, a robbery conviction can be punishable by up to 30 years in a Florida State prison.

The crime of robbery is similar to theft, however, it includes the elements of force or violence. In a robbery the suspect either uses force in order to take something from someone or they use the threat of imminent force or violence against the victim in order to gain possession of their belongings.

Robbery is typically considered a violent crime therefore it is punished as such. Penalties for robbery are enhanced under aggravating circumstances; for example, when the crime is committed with an accomplice, when the suspect threatens to use a weapon against the victim, when the victim sustains serious bodily injury or when a weapon is used to commit the crime.

Although robbery is a type of theft crime, unlike shoplifting or other non-violent theft crimes, it is a confrontational crime, where the robber takes something directly from the victim. With robbery, the suspect uses force or violence to instill fear in the victim. They then use this fear to overcome them and permanently deprive them of their money or property of value. It’s this direct confrontation that makes robbery so serious.

The state of Florida criminalizes the following variations of robbery: sudden snatching, robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery with a firearm, home invasion robbery and carjacking. Because robbery is a violent crime, each category is prosecuted as a felony offense. If you are convicted of robbery in Tampa, Florida, you could be facing the following penalties:

Robbery – felony in the second degree, punishable by a maximum of 15 years in state prison.

Armed Robbery (with a weapon) – felony in the first degree, punishable by a maximum of 30 years in state prison.

Armed Robbery (with a deadly weapon) – felony in the first degree, punishable by a maximum of 30 years in state prison.

In addition to lengthy prison sentences, if you are convicted of robbery you are also facing up to $10,000 in monetary fines, community service, the loss of certain certifications, probation or parole and a permanent criminal record.

If you are under investigation for robbery or if you have already been arrested, it would be in your best interest to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Since robbery is a serious felony offense, you are facing harsh penalties if you are convicted. There are defenses for robbery charges that only an experienced attorney will know how to use on your behalf, for example, false accusation or even misidentification. Just because you were accused does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. Securing legal counsel will give you the best chances of fighting the charges against you.

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