Written by attorney Antonio Gastelum Treviño

The Number One Complement to Every International Estate Plan

Lately, people have asked for our opinions on life insurance premium financing (hereinafter premium financing) as part of an estate plan for foreigners with assets in the United States. Our immediate, safe, and conservative response has always been, “It depends on the particular circumstances of each case, given that premium financing is not for everyone.” This strategy of purchasing life insurance was created by the insurance companies themselves to sell major coverages to be used as a source for the payment of estate taxes, given that the value of properties and businesses around the world has been trending upward by leaps and bounds, and hence taxes as well. Likewise, the owners of these properties and businesses have a high life expectancy that keeps getting higher due to their access to modern medicine, healthy diets, and other contributing factors. In general, our clients are living longer and their properties and businesses are worth more each passing day, so they either have to pay more taxes or replace the assets that those taxes consume.

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