Written by attorney Romy B Jurado

The Non-Citizen’s Guide To Starting A Business In The United States

Here is a guide including the crucial steps you will need to take in order to start a business as a foreigner in the United State:

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Starting a business in the United States as a non-citizen an undeniably an exciting venture, but it can also be a very scary one as the complexity of starting a company in a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming. With changes happening constantly in the political and economic climate of the U.S., it is possible that you are unsure if right now is the right time to get your new business going. However, the United States has welcomed foreign businesses for a long time and will surely continue to do so. Starting a Business in Miami? Hire a Jurado & Farshchian Business Lawyer The reason why this step is not numbered is that although it is located at the bottom of the list, it is the very first thing you need to do before the process of starting a business in the United States can even begin. The help of the skilled and experienced Business and Immigration Lawyers at Jurado & Farshchian, P.L., is a priceless asset in the road to your new business in the United States. From representing you in your visa application and helping you choose your business structure to filing for registration and representing you and your business in court should problems arise along the way, we will be there for you at all times to help your new business in the United States thrive. To get in touch with our team of experts, call us today at (305) 921-0440 or send us an email to [email protected] or visit

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