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The Law of Mugshots

Posted by attorney Maj Vasigh

Are you a victim of the growing online mugshot scam websites? These sites use bots to scrape publicly available mugshots from various state and local websites. They then optimize your name and likeness so that it appears on page 1 or 2 of google search results.

To add insult to injury, they then charge you anywhere from 50 bucks to 500 bucks to take the mugshot down, REGARDLESS of the disposition of your case. This is despicable conduct.

To add further injury, the copycat sites scrape the original site so by the time you've paid one site to take your mugshot down, another two or three or four pop up requiring you to do the same.

Until now, most legal scholars have suggested this public information is protected by freedom of speech. However, I disagree. Although it's true that one has no copyright ownership of their own mugshot, individuals DO have a right of privacy in the protection and use of their image and name.

If you have been the victim of one or more of these sites, please give me a call. You have rights. I'll fight for you to help take these companies down.

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