Written by attorney Timothy Justin Young

The Jones Act & Maintenance and Cure Benefits for Injured Seamen

Through the Jones Act and maintenance and cure benefits, injured seamen are provided the right to recover compensation related to lost wages and medical treatment costs. When an employee is at sea, their meals, lodging, and personal needs are typically provided by the employer as part of their compensation. If injured, those extra accommodations may be accounted for under 'maintenance' while 'cure' refers to treatment costs.

While maintenance and cure are available regardless of fault, Jones Act coverage requires that an employer be proven negligent to recover further damages. A Louisiana Jones Act lawyer can help injured seamen pursuing or struggling to recover Jones Act or maintenance and cure benefits.

Jones Act & Maintenance and Cure Benefits

Maintenance and cure are not exclusive to fault-based cases and apply no matter the cause of your injury or illness. A maritime employee that becomes injured or ill while working is entitled to these benefits during the course of recovery. These benefits last until the time known as "maximum cure," the point of recovery at which no further improvement is expected.

Maximum cure is a point of time determined by a medical doctor where it is believed that the illness or injury is either completely cured/healed, or any further treatment would only be for pain or discomfort. This is a subject that is often highly contested, as there are many opinions regarding whether or not "maximum" improvement of symptoms has been achieved.

Maritime workers who believe the determination of their period of maximum cure has been prematurely designated are urged to contact a Louisiana Jones Act lawyer to review their case. In many cases, an attorney can review the medical history and request medical expert witnesses to reassess the medical records and give testimonial in support of a longer period benefits.

Maritime workers who have suffered a serious injury or developed an illness because of conditions aboard their vessel may seek additional benefits through Jones Act coverage. In cases where negligence is the cause of their injuries or illnesses, they may be entitled to additional benefits beyond these general provisions.

A Louisiana Jones Act lawyer can assist inured workers who must establish that their employer's negligence caused their injury and that they are, therefore, entitled to benefits through Jones Act coverage.

Help with Jones Act & Maintenance and Cure Benefits: Call a Louisiana Jones Act Lawyer

The Young Firm in Louisiana is one of the Gulf Coast's resources for maritime workers to obtain help with their Jones Act coverage claims or who is having trouble recovering maintenance and cure benefits.

When a seaman is informed of benefits are set to run out, but treatment is ongoing, they have a right to consult with a Louisiana Jones Act lawyer for legal help. Call 866-920-8471 to schedule a consultation with our office to learn more about your rights under the Jones Act and maintenance and cure benefits.

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