Written by attorney Jake J Lee

The Inspiration Behind Summit Disability Law Group

I think for me it started before I went to law school. I worked at a personal injury firm and i got to see what an accident really meant in people’s lives. People would come in and they were losing their homes and they had medical bills far in excess of what they could afford and I realized what a terrifying experience that could be. I remember when I was doing an internship in law school for a social security disability firm and a woman came in for a consultation. She had just been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. As we went through the consultation I realized she hadn’t heard anything that I said. The biggest thing I remember about that interview was fear. She was so afraid and all she could process was that life as she knew it was over. It was then that it hit me that these people have so much going on physically and emotionally that they don’t have the time, nor do they want to deal with the Social Security Administration and that that could stop them from getting the help they needed. But I think what I found most inspiring about that process was that when they got that help they could deal with these challenges in their lives instead of letting it overcome them. That is why we build Summit Disability Law Group. You know, the Social Security System is a complex mountain of red tape and our goal here is to take the stress out of that process so that people can focus on getting better and working with their doctor. The key to not being intimidated out of your benefits is to learn how to tell your story and that’s not always an easy thing to do. But when you can tell your story that’s how you can get the benefits you deserve.

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