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The Importance of Buying Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Your Car

Many folks do not spend enough time thinking about what kind of car insurance coverage they need. Many just buy the lowest priced policy. That is a serious mistake. First off, if you are in the military or a veteran, my suggeston is that you seriously consider switching to USAA. They are the top rated company, but not available to everyone. Check out their sight at

For everyone else, spend time thinking about what you are buying. It is important to have the highest limits you can afford. Liabilty coverage is for when you injure someone else. But let's suppose you or a family member are serously injuries as the result of the fault of someone else. And that someone has no insurance or very little insurance. If you follow my advice you'll be properly covered. And that advice is to have VERY HIGH underinsured and uninsured motorists coverage. Most agents will not spend the time explaining this to you. Here's how it works. You are hit by someone with no insurance. Your injuries are worth 500,000. If you have $500,000 in uninsured limites, then You can receive up to that amout that from your own insurance company from the uninsured motorist ooverage. If the responsible driver that causes the accident has $15,000 coverage, then you can get up to $485,000 in some states and $515,000 in other states.

So the bottom line is to review your policy, call your agent, and tell him or her to raise your limits asap.

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