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The Hearing of Order to Show Cause

This sort of hearing cannot be categorized as an 'evidentiary hearing'

Both the partners at this hearing furnish proof in the form of a written declaration. This is signed under penalty or perjury. When the hearing is set, this declaration is filed

During the hearing, the partners and/or their lawyers are permitted to argue and in this manner urge the court to take some decision on the basis of the written facts

This hearing must be taken very seriously by the partners. The reason is that the temporary orders issued by the court during this hearing are the base for permanent orders issued at the conclusion of the case

The rules of the court are used to determine, which documents and declarations are essential to prove the facts stated by each partner

The orders to show cause divorce are developed to resolve a number of issues that will benefit both the spouses for a limited period of time. If you think your case is much complicated, you must take the valuable advice of your lawyer regarding how to take temporary orders until the actual divorce takes place.

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