Written by attorney Gerald M. Salcido

The Different Categories of Sex Crimes

In Utah all sex crimes will generally fall into one of four categories:

First, there is nonconsensual touching. This occurs when Person A touches Person B on a private area of the body. A private area of the body is any part that would be covered by a bathing suit. That means that even a pinch on the butt is considered a sex crime (sexual battery to be specific).

Second, there is nonconsensual watching. For example, watching someone in a private setting without his or her consent (think about the neighborhood peeping tom) or watching illegal sexual activity (such as child pornography).

Third, there is nonconsensual showing. The flasher is a good example of this type of sex crime, also known as lewdness. This can also include sending sext messages to someone who doesn't want it.

Fourth, there is illegal consensual sexual activity. Consensual sex between an adult and a minor, for example, is illegal, as is consensual sex with a prostitute.

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