Written by attorney Anthony Emeka Nze Nwosu


If you are considering coming to the United States with money to invest in a project, you have probably heard of the EB5 green card. This route allows immigrants to invest either $1 million into a new business, or $500,000 into an ongoing project that will create revenue for a particular city. However, another option that allows immigrants to get into the United States is the EB2 visa. Find out the main difference between the two programs before you apply. To qualify for the EB2 green card, you need to show that you are skilled in a certain trade that would benefit the country. This often includes science, business, or art, though having an advanced degree in other subjects is also often helpful. Additionally, you typically need to have a job offer already, which you have to prove before you come to the U.S. In general, you need to provide evidence that your presence in this country is beneficial to its citizens. In some ways, the EB5 green card works similarly, since you need to benefit the country. The results of this green card are often also the same as the EB2 visa, since it allows you to establish residency and eventually apply for citizenship, bringing family members under the age of 21 here in the meantime. However, you do not need a job offer for the EB5 green card, just money that you can freely invest. You also do not need to show that you have any particular skills or advanced degrees, though knowing the business world well certainly helps in running a new business. Clearly, both visas are worth looking into if you feel that you have something to offer the U.S. and would like to come here soon. However, one focuses on schooling and helpful skills, while the other places more importance on money to invest. Before you choose the best path to take, consider what you have to offer the country. If you can readily show that your skills make you an asset to the U.S., or you already have a job offer here, the EB2 visa may be best for you. On the other hand, if money is your main asset right now, the eb5 green card is likely the best way for you to enter this country as soon as possible. Talking to an immigration or investment lawyer can also help you decide between the two visa types.

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