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The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce in Virginia

Posted by attorney Charles Hofheimer

Hiring a Chesapeake divorce lawyer can help decide which method of divorce is right for you. Some women find that collaborative divorce works best for them, and it can help make the divorce process go more smoothly, with less animosity.

For many couples, the word “divorce" brings to mind images of bitter courtroom fights that can drag on for months or years. Despite what’s portrayed on television, this isn’t always the case. Collaborative divorce is a legal process that attempts to address each aspect of divorce as fully as possible with the goal of making the best out of a difficult situation. Collaborative law utilizes the expertise of professionals from several different fields; a team usually involves a financial adviser, a child expert/advocate, and a divorce coach. The parties, i.e. you and your ex-spouse, each have their own attorneys.

There are many advantages to choosing this type of divorce process. For one, it may lower costs. Alternative litigation generally is not as expensive as traditional divorce. It is usually quicker as well, and the clients are able to set their own timetable for meetings rather than waiting to be scheduled for court dates.

One of the primary selling points of collaborative divorce is that it strives to create a more peaceful experience for the family, especially for any children involved. Stress is a big part of the issues kids face when their parents break up, and it may be exacerbated when the divorce is bitter and long. Collaborative law allows the partners to negotiate with the help of trained professionals and focuses on the well-being of the children.

Each client needs to find an attorney who is familiar with this area of law. The attorney must agree not to represent the client if the case moves to litigation. If, for whatever reason, collaboration fails, the parties may stop the collaborative process and pursue a traditional courtroom divorce.

Collaboration isn't for everyone. The most important thing in any type of litigation alternative is that the parties are willing to cooperate and compromise. Sometimes, one or both partners are not willing to do so. Relationships that are abusive in any way generally don't benefit from collaboration because one party may be dominant and manipulative, which could derail healthy communication.

Contacting a Chesapeake Divorce Lawyer

The decision to file for divorce can be extremely difficult. In addition to the emotions that the parties may experience throughout the process, considering what the future holds can be scary. Many worry about the children, mortgage payments, and even just paying bills or buying groceries. An attorney at Hofheimer/Ferrebee can evaluate your case to determine which divorce methods may work best for you. Call 757-425-5200.

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