Written by attorney Jeffrey H. Rasansky

Texas Truck Accident Settlements Can Be Large

Drivers who get hit by commercial vehicles may want to consider filing lawsuits. In some cases, the settlements and jury awards can be quite large and can provide enough money to help the families recover from the property and medical damage they suffered. In a recent case, a settlement of $87,000 was reached between a woman who was struck by a commercial vehicle in 2009 and the driver.

Suing Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers are held to very high standards in many different ways. First and foremost, they're expected to have training that allows them to handle the sometimes very dangerous vehicles that they drive in a way that makes the roads safe for other drivers. They're also expected to maintain those vehicles up to standards that ensure that other vehicles on the road are not put at unnecessary risk.

In the San Antonio settlement recently, the accident involved a driver who made a left turn from the right lane on a highway and ended up smashing into the plaintiff. The driver was found to be at fault in the police report, according to a press release.

In cases where the driver of the commercial vehicle is obviously at fault, suing for damages is understandably a bit simpler. There are cases, however, where a skilled attorney will be required to reconstruct the accident and figure out how the driver or the trucking company for whom they worked was negligent.

In some cases, the errors made by a negligent driver are what end up causing car accidents. In other cases, it's because the driver was sent out on the road with a vehicle that wasn't maintained properly. In some instances, the drivers themselves of the problems in that the company does not give the drivers enough rest, time out of their vehicles and so forth and the drivers end up driving exhausted.

No matter what caused you to come to harm, it's advisable to speak with Texas accident attorney if you believe that the trucking company or a commercial driver was negligent and caused you to come to harm because of it. This may not always turn out to be the case, but if the jury finds in your favor, you may find yourself receiving a large award or settlement because of that. If you do, the money may well be enough to help you recover and to replace any property that was destroyed in the accident.

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