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Texas Man Charged with Aggravated Burglary & Stalking

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

57-year-old Ronald Dale Acker was recently accused of driving 1,500 miles from his home in Bedford, Texas to the residence of his ex-girlfriend in Jonesborough, Tennessee to plant a recording device. Apparently, Acker was able to convince his ex’s landlord to let him into her house, but his plans were foiled when the woman noticed an orange glow emanating from the area behind her bed. Not soon after finding the device, Acker’s ex spotted him on her property and asked her landlord to call police.

Burglary Charges in Arizona

In Arizona, an offender would not face charges for aggravated burglary considering the situation above. They would, however, likely face charges of burglary in the second degree, which is defined below:

A.R.S. 13-1507 states that a person commits burglary in the second degree by entering or remaining unlawfully in or on a residential structure with the intent to commit any theft or felony therein.

Burglary in the second degree is generally charged as a class 3 felony in AZ.

Stalking Charges in Arizona

According to A.R.S. 13-2923, a person commits stalking in AZ if they intentionally or knowingly engage in a course of conduct that is directed toward another person if such conduct would do any of the following:

  1. Cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety or the safety of their immediate family.
  2. Cause a reasonable person to fear their own death or the death of an immediate family member.

If the crime is committed pursuant to paragraph 1, stalking is charged as a class 5 felony in AZ; if committed pursuant to paragraph 2, stalking is charged as a class 3 felony.

While many people who commit crimes similar to Ronald Acker’s generally do so out of love or infatuation and mean the victim no actual harm, these types of crimes are taken very seriously in Arizona and offenders can expect harsh penalties.

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