Written by attorney Kay L. Van Wey

Texas Car Accident Guide: 10 Tips for What to do after a Texas Car Accident

What Should I Do Immediately After a Texas Car Accident?

Texas car accidents can be extremely stressful situations. Often, you and your loved ones may be confused about what to do immediately following the car accident. I've developed the following tips to help you make important decisions in the aftermath of a Texas car accident:

1. If you or anyone else is injured, call 911. The best thing you can do is to get the medical help you or another person needs.

2. If no one has been injured, give other drivers a break and move your vehicle out of the way. This will ensure that you and other drivers suffer no further injuries.

3. Talk to the police officer on the scene. Once the accident scene has been stabalized, speak with a police officer so he or she can investigate the cause of the accident. If no one in the crash sustained injuries, the police will likely not come to the scene, but you can still file a state vehicle accident report at a local police station or download a report form from the Texas Department of Transportation's website. The police report is crucial, especially in cases that go to court, because it can help the jury or judge determine liability. When speaking with the police officer, remember to stay calm and just recite the facts. Saying anything to implicate that you were at fault for the accident could hurt your injury claim later.

4. Exchange information with the other driver(s). Make sure you get the other driver's name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, driver's license number, and license plate number. Write down what the other driver says word for word, if you can, and make sure you get a description of the cars involved, including make, model, year, and color. In your description, be sure to note where the accident happened. Do not tell the other driver or the police that the accident was your fault, even if you think it was. You may be mistaken about the facts and do not want to implicate yourself.

5. Document the damage to the vehicles. Most cell phones now have cameras on them, so taking pictures should be fairly easy if your cell phone was not lost or damaged in the accident. But if you are injured, get help first. You can have a friend or family member take pictures of the damage for you, or take pictures at a later time.

6. Document witness statements. If there were any witnesses to the accident, ask for their information in case the other driver involved disputes liability. Give any witness statements you collect to the police officer on scene.

7. Report the accident to your insurance company or agent. You should be truthful about what happened and give the facts. If you do not tell the truth, this may hurt your claim or potential lawsuit.

8. Stay off Facebook! Talking about your car accident on Facebook or other social media websites could be used against you at a later time.

9. Contact the other driver's insurance company to set up a claim.

10. Get the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Even if you do not believe you are injured immediately after the accident, you may begin to feel your injuries after the adrenaline rush from the accident has worn off. This may take a few days, but if you feel any pain or injury, be sure to seek medical treatment. Even if you do not have insurance, seeking medical treatment is important for your health and for your car accident claim.

While I hope that you never have to experience a car accident, the simple truth is sometimes car accidents happen. By following these tips above, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from being further victimized after a Texas car accident.

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