Written by attorney James E. Girards

Texas - What is a "Pharmacist in Charge?"

In Texas, each pharmacy is required by law to have one pharmacist-in-charge who is employed on a full-time basis. The duties of the pharmacist-in-charge, include the following, which is excerpted from the Texas Administrative Code:

(A) education and training of pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees;

(B) supervising a system to assure appropriate procurement of prescription drugs and devices and other products dispensed;

(C) disposal and distribution of drugs;

(D) storage of all materials, including drugs, chemicals, and biologicals;

(E) maintaining records of all transactions of the pharmacy necessary to maintain accurate control over and accountability for all pharmaceutical materials required by applicable state and federal laws and sections;

(F) supervising a system to assure maintenance of effective controls against the theft or diversion of prescription drugs, and records for such drugs;

(G) adherence to policies and procedures regarding the maintenance of records in a data processing system such that the data processing system is in compliance with requirements;

(H) legal operation of the pharmacy, including meeting all inspection and other requirements of all state and federal laws or sections governing the practice of pharmacy.

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