Written by attorney Kristi Beth Luna

Ten witnesses to consider for Child Custody cases.

Witnesses in any case help develop the claims and allegations before the Judge. The best witnesses are neutral witnesses that have knowledge regarding the children and the parties. Below is a list of my recommended potential witnesses in child custody matters that should be considered in obtaining information relating to minor children. Depending on the case and the issues involved the following individuals might make wonderful witnesses in your custody action. We request that clients provide the names of witnesses early on in their case so that we may interview those individuals and develop your case. In addition to the names, you should provide the address and telephone number of each witness along with a brief explanation as what connection and knowledge the individual has that relates to your case.

  1. A list of your child’s teachers for the past two years

  2. Any therapist or other counselor treating the children.

  3. A list of doctors or other medical providers treating the children.

  4. Friends or family members who have frequent contact with the children.

  5. Babysitters, day care workers, nannies or other providers of care for your children.

  6. Coaches, scout leaders, or other adults teaching or assisting with your child’s extra circular activities.

  7. The names of any parent of a half sibling to your children.

  8. Your pastor, minister or other religious leader who is involved with your family.

  9. The name of your and/or the other parent’s therapist or counselor.

  10. The name of any Child Protective Service worker who has had contact or involvement with your family.

This list is not meant to be all inclusive. If you believe that there are other individuals who have information pertinent to your case, those names should be provided as well. As always if you have questions you should consult with a child custody attorney for additional information.

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