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Take Control of Your Retirement Assets

Posted by attorney Frank Selden

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Some custodians will work directly with investors. Others prefer to deal only with institutional accounts. A variety of companies such as Guidant Financial, IRA Roll-Over Solutions, and Self-Directed IRA will set you up with a turn-key product for a fee. Some attorneys will help you set up a third option type of self-directed IRA. Understand the differences, go with the option that makes the most sense for you and don't let anyone sell you a product you don't want or need.
Given the potential complications of the third type of SDI some people understandably opt to give up a measure of control and create one of the other two types of accounts. However, if you understand investments and the IRA rules the only type of IRA that is truly self-directed is the best way to keep full control of your retirement dollars.

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