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Surgical Errors On The Rise

Posted by attorney Dwight Johnson

As a society, we trust our medical professionals and care facilities to provide us with the highest quality of medical care and treatment. Doctors and other medical professionals are held to a high standard of excellence because the results can be devastating and fatal for patients when they do not meet this standard. Every hospital requires their physicians to abide by a standard set of procedures in order to prevent surgical mistakes and errors, but despite these measures the number of errors and mistakes continues to rise.

A surgical error is defined as an error or mistake that is committed by health professionals that results in additional harm to the patient. Research shows that surgery patients who are injured as a result of an error or mistake during their operation are 7 times more likely to die while hospitalized. These patients are also much more likely to be readmitted to a hospital within 3 months of being discharged from their surgery than patients who are not injured. Medical errors create a huge risk for readmission and death for patients undergoing surgery.

Some of the major types of surgical errors that occur today involve the administering and monitoring of anesthesia, the unintended injuring or cutting of nerves, organs or body parts, unsuitable post-surgical care and much more. In one case, a doctor inserted a chest tube into the wrong lung, the healthy one, causing the collapse of that lung and killing the patient. Other examples of surgical errors include the surgeon removing healthy body parts, operating on the wrong side of the brain, and conducting procedures on the wrong knee, foot, hand, eye and elbow.

In some cases, these mix-ups can begin in the internist’s office. This is particularly true when the doctor or surgeon operates on the wrong patient altogether. When a patient is the victim of surgical error, there is a very high chance that they will require additional medical care and even subsequent surgeries. The United States has placed a greater emphasis on reducing the incidence and cost of medical injuries because safety research suggests that one half to two thirds of adverse advents is attributed to surgical care.

If you or someone you love has suffered injury because of the error of a physician or medical professional, you may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering through a medical malpractice claim. These injury claims can be highly complex in nature, and it is essential to have the legal counsel and support of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. An Idaho injury attorney can help you analyze the main cause of your injuries and fight for the compensation you need to recover fully.

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