Written by attorney Zachary C. Hoskins

Suing Unknown Defendants in Kentucky

This article aims to provide the framework of statutory and case law surrounding the issue of suing unknown defendants in Kentucky.

Additional resources provided by the author

KRS 14AS.4-040 KRS 61.870 through KRS 61.884 CR 4.15 CR 4.05, 4.06, 4.07. Louisville & N.R. Co. v. Little, 264 Ky. 579, 95 SW 2d 253 (Ky. Ct. App. 1936). Nolph v. Scott 725 SW 2d 860 (Ky. 1987). See also Potter v. Breaks Interstate Park Commission, Ky. 701 SW2d 403 (Ky. 1985). Ky Farm Bureau v. Ryan, 177 SW3d 797 (Ky 2005). St. Matthews v. Roberts, 490 SW2d 750 (Ky. Ct. App. 1973). McDonalds Corp. v. Ogborn, 309 SW3d 274 ( Ky. Ct. App. 2009). Hilen v. Hays, 673 S.W.2d 713 (Ky. 1984).

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