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Suing for Water Balloon Injuries?

A Virginia man from Chesapeake filed a lawsuit against a teenager accusing the youth of throwing a water balloon at him and permanently injuring his eye. The man is suing for $500,000 in damages for “severe, painful and permanent injuries" for the accident that occurred August 22, 2010. The youth was driving around with friends and supposedly threw the balloon at the man. Instead of popping upon contact, the balloon hit the man’s eye. According to the man’s attorney, the balloon hit him wrong and would have probably been harmless if it had hit him an inch to one side or the other. Now, the man is claiming that he has additional “pressure" in his eye and is concerned about eventually losing his sight out of that eye.

The man’s attorney is claiming that the teenager was charged with a crime in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at the time the accident occurred, even though the police report indicates that no one was charged. While the outcome of this personal injury lawsuit is not yet known, this is not the first time that a lawsuit has been filed over water balloon injuries. A settlement was recently resolved for a lawsuit filed by a man who was injured by a water balloon during a street party in 2008.

The man was walking around a student block party when some men in a house launched a water balloon from an oversized slingshot and hit him in the head. He had to be taken to the hospital for injuries suffered to his eye and his teeth. According to his lawsuit, the man testified that the balloon hit him “dead-on in my eye socket" and he now has two titanium screws and a metal plate in his head to help rebuild the socket. The man has seen doctors who have told him that he has irreparable damage to his optic nerve and he has testified that he has blurred vision in his right eye.

The man’s attorney acknowledged that winning the case was difficult because the men who fired the balloon were never found, and the owner of the slingshot was held liable for the damage. The man was able to recover an undisclosed settlement amount for his injuries because of the skill and dedication of his personal injury attorney. Water balloons, though they may seem harmless, can become dangerous when they are used in an aggressive manner. If you or someone you know has suffered severe injury because of a water balloon, you may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering with the help of a Virginia accident lawyer.

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