Written by attorney Steve C. Vondran

Strike 3 subpoena and how to deal with them

This video talks about what a "SUBPOENA" is and when it might be possible to file a "MOTION TO QUASH." In general, a subpoena is a demand from a Court to your ISP (in torrent defense cases). The subpoena was allowed to be sent to the ISP from the Plaintiff (ex. Malibu Media or Strike 3 Holdings, LLC) following a motion filed in Court by the Plaintiff which allowed them to send "early discovery" to the ISP (such a Charter Communications, Cox. Comcast, Verizon, etc.). The subpoena will give you a "deadline" to file either a motion to quash or to seek a protective order and to inform the ISP that you will be filing court papers to challenge the federal court lawsuit. This can be a very complicated legal procedure and to discuss the best route to responding to an ISP supena, many people find that hiring a copyright attorney to advise them of the options, and to ultimately assist them in settlement negotiations and respond to the lawsuit, is usually a good way to go. I have provided many links to our popular torrent videos below. If you want to know more, watch these videos and then call us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION at (877) 276-5084. We are a recognized leader in the field of Bittorent illegal movie download defense in the United States.

2019 LEGAL UPDATES: One of the leaders of the firm Fox Rothschild (a firm with over 700 attorneys nationwide) now has a new attorney breaking out of BIGLAW (to our knowledge starting a law firm with his wife) but still fighting hard to stick it to many people (including a very large number of racial minorities - he teaches at U.S.C. apparently) with a financially crippling settlement, because, as he has informed us, porn downloaders of his clients films is like a murderer seeking sympathy for stealing. This guy is really over the top and even the courts have sanctioned them. If you are dealing with BandlowLaw call us for a consultation. These people are RUTHLESS trust me. I just saw a demand for $50.0000 dollars. This is INSANE and way out of control. Perhaps as a U.S.C. professor he can do what he wants, but people are being DEVASTATED by him and his new firm BANDLOW LAW.

Additional resources provided by the author

Here are some VALUABLE videos to watch if you have been accused of illegal file sharing on the internet. We have helped many individuals in internet law cases involving unlawful downloading and P2P sharing of movies, software (ex. Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe, and Siemens) , and photo copyright infringement. Watch these videos to get general background information. We like our clients to understand what's going on.

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