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Street Kred: The New Credit Report

Posted by attorney Seth Rosenberg

It began with MySpace…then Facebook…and now Twitter and LinkedIn. There’s EHarmony and Your inbox gets flooded with Groupons and Living Social deals – even Amazon’s jumped on board. Every day, whether you like it or not, you are being sized up by online marketers all wanting one thing – to know what you want and how much influence you have on everyone else with whom you’re connected.

So what’s your virtual net value? Don’t worry…there’s an app for that, too. Check out Klout or Kred. These sites are geared to analyze what kind of social stock you’re packing and, as a reward, you get offers ranging from beauty products to airline tickets.

While it’s unlikely you’ll get approved for that new beamer you’ve been eyeing on your way to drop off that past due rent check, your ability to network online is inevitably and rapidly becoming an identity, quantifiable and valuable to businesses across the world wide web. How do you stack up?

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