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Stop Creditor Harassment

Posted by attorney John Mufson

Many people are now burdened with several past due credit cards. Often, the collection efforts by the creditors and their collection agencies is on a daily basis. Calls are made to your house and often place of employment. In order to stop the calls, you will allow the creditor to deduct a set amount from your rapidly depleting bank account in order to stop the phone calls. Ater feeling a sense of relief,other creditors call you around the clock demanding payment. What should someone do in this situation?

A free consultation by my office will provide all the options to relieve yourself of the "mountain of debt." You may be able to file a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy to eliminate most if not all your debt. In chapter 7, generally you are able to keep all your assets that are considered exempt without having to pay any of your debt.

In some instances it may be necessary to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy which is a partial payment plan of your debt. Often,Chapter 13 is used to allow time to catch up on past due mortgage pamyents. Chapter 13 can be used to reduce car payments in certain cases. Once an individual files under either Chapter 7 or 13, all collection or legal actions by the creditors must stop!!

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