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Stop Asset Acceptance Collection

Asset Acceptance is a purchaser and collector of charged-off consumer debt. Asset Acceptance is what’s commonly known as a junk-debt buyer. A junk-debt buyer purchases delinquent or charged-off debts from a creditor for a fraction of the face value of the debt. Asset Acceptance has been in business for 50 years. Asset Acceptance has 1,400 employees, 10 offices, in 9 states.

According to its Web site, Asset Acceptance’s employees take a pledge that they will…"help consumers find ways to pay their debts" in a “professional and ethical" manner while treating consumers with “dignity and respect." However, according to its track record, Asset Acceptance’s collection activities shed a much different light when analyzed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collects can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Asset Acceptance has been sued over 550 times in the last three years for harassing consumers. It does not get any better for Asset Acceptance on the Better Business Bureau, either. The Better Business Bureau processed over 600 billing/collection issues regarding Asset Acceptance in the last three years. In fact, there have been 764 complaints total about Asset Acceptance on the Better Business Bureau in the last three years. However, customer complaints are not Asset Acceptance’s biggest problem with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau reflects government action taken against Asset Acceptance. On January 12, 2012, Asset Acceptance agreed to pay a $2.5-million dollar civil penalty to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it made a range of misrepresentations when trying to collect old debts. Additionally, Asset Acceptance agreed to inform consumers whose debt may be too old to be legally enforceable that it will not sue to collect on that debt.

Asset Acceptance has a host of numbers it places collection calls from. Asset Acceptance may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 800-545-9931, 800-505-5166, 571-431-1957, 877-277-3850, 434-533-9144, 434-878-9956, 571-261-0109, 800-213-8040, 866-580-4816, 757-209-2028, 703-656-9845, 571-261-0103, 602-438-4834, 757-209-2019, 191-244-5087, 301-223-0096, 877-768-9844, 207-327-0000, 281-691-6294, 301-223-0076, 305-261-0103, 312-949-0705, 410-881-5363, 434-878-9954, 443-550-7945, 443-550-7969, 518-207-3608, 586-939-9600, 661-346-6768, 703-656-9842, 703-656-9944, 757-990-8905, 800-455-2554, 800-860-0644, 804-952-9901, 855-844-3537, 866-563-0809, 866-643-1412, 877-386-5384, 888-500-2534, 203-713-2679, 207-633-0000, 301-223-0059, 305-508-9068, 323-330-1435, 412-282-1420, 443-550-7959, 480-403-6400, 571-261-0101, 571-431-1960, 615-238-9042, 703-656-9974, 757-990-8984, 800-964-7365, 804-952-9911, 864-569-0178, 866-580-4817, 866-680-2068, 877-321-3762, 877-496-8820, 915-255-4110, 210-924-8889, 301-223-0068, 301-233-0073, 310-846-0575, 386-233-3013, 425-390-8154, 434-878-9958, 443-550-7962, 504-617-4119, 586-834-1144, 630-315-2407, 702-410-7076, 703-656-9850, 704-837-4153, 757-209-2037, 800-444-8485, 800-832-8587, 803-384-9480, 813-569-0400, 866-266-6600, 866-609-5621, 866-819-6804, 877-323-5658, 877-692-6188, 972-607-9743, 443-205-1006, 443-550-7967, 212-777-3436, 301-223-0073, 303-801-9810, 312-348-1530, 410-202-0048, 571-261-0105, 586-834-1343, 630-983-0770, 703-398-0757, 703-656-9939, 757-209-2009, 757-990-8898, 800-451-1791, 800-837-6008, 804-952-9895, 855-373-1821, 866-369-9457, 866-627-7381, 877-207-7202, 877-386-5368, and 888-397-8181.

If Asset Acceptance has harassed you over a debt, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, made misrepresentations when trying to collect old debts, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, tried to collect a debt from you that you did not owe, or left you a voicemail message without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

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