Written by attorney Angelique M. Cooper

Steps to Take if You Received a Surprise Tax Bill

There have been a lot of stories about surprised taxpayers this year, and many of those surprises were decidedly unpleasant. Taxpayers who had received large refunds for years were shocked to find that they owed the IRS money this year, sometimes thousands of dollars in additional taxes due.

Still others were shocked to find an IRS notice in their mailboxes - a formal letter detailing an additional tax liability and demanding payment for taxes due. These IRS notices can leave even the most conscientious tax filer blindsided - and wondering what to do next.

Whether you expected a refund and received a bill or found a notice from the IRS lurking in your mailbox, what you do next matters a great deal. Here are some critical steps to take if you owe money to the IRS, but before we jump in, we encourage all readers facing a tax problem to contact us for a free consultation

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