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Staying Safe in Albuquerque, NM

Staying Safe in Albuquerque- a breakdown of crime by location

Natives to Albuquerque know that there are some areas of the city that are a little more “rough" than others. We thought it might be nice to have present a quick guide to the city, and have compiled a list of the “safest," and most “dangerous" neighborhoods in Albuquerque based on the Albuquerque Police Department’s published statistics (in terms of total incidents reported*) on the matter.

Stay and Play- Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods (with approximate cross streets)

  1. Tanoan East (Academy/Eubank): 2 total incidents
  2. Uptown Sector Development (Louisiana/Indian School): 3 total incidents
  3. Vista De Mundo (Lomas/ Tramway): 4 total incidents
  4. Vista Grande/ West Bluff R (Coors/ Quail): 4 total incidents
  5. Skyview Acres (Coors/ Alameda): 5 total incidents
  6. Quaker Heights Road (Unser/ Western Trail): 6 total incidents
  7. Glenwood Hills/Shadow Hills (Tramway/ Montgomery): 6 total incidents
  8. Southside farming community (2nd/ Chavez Loop): 7 total incidents
  9. Holiday Park (Juan Tabo/ Candelaria): 7 total incidents
  10. Los Griegos (Rio Grande/ Candelaria): 8 total incidents

Stay Away! - Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods

  1. La Mesa R (Lomas/ Louisiana): 46,940 total incidents
  2. Downtown (Central/ 5th): 41,637 total incidents
  3. Trumbull Village (Central/ Wyoming): 37,030 total incidents
  4. South San Pedro(San Pedro/ Gibson): 30,558 total incidents
  5. Los Volcanes R (Central/ Coors): 20,672 total incidents
  6. Del Norte (San Mateo/ Montgomery): 19,770 total incidents
  7. North Valley (Menaul/ Candelaria): 19,345 total incidents
  8. West Mesa (Coors/ Fortuna): 18,507 total incidents
  9. Fair West (Central/ San Mateo): 16,392 total incidents
  10. Westgate Heights (Sage/ 98th) 14,641 total incidents

Anyone familiar to the city will see that the neighborhoods mentioned above are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of the “in the middle" neighborhoods flank both the “good" and “bad" ones. The key is to stay vigilant, and be aware of changes in your surroundings. Albuquerque is a veritable melting pot of culture, class, and merit and, while the city is generally safe, it is never a bad idea to steer clear of the more crime-friendly neighborhoods.

We hope this helps you or any visitors you bring to Albuquerque. On the other hand, if you are finding this breakdown too late, and are already the victim of criminal activity, we encourage you to visit us at: _ www.albuquerqueinjuryattorney.net_ for more information on how we may be able to find you compensation to help cope with the result of criminal activity.

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